FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)


The 2015 AGR survey showed that, whilst ‘image of the industry sector’ is increasingly influential on career choices, Fast Moving Consumer Goods is not seen as the most glamorous option by job-seeking graduates, meaning that attracting high-quality talent is a key challenge for this sector.

Skills shortages are also an issue, with 46% of companies claiming to have difficulties finding candidates with high level skills, and 45% citing underprepared school leavers and graduates as the greatest risk to the sector in the next 10 years. (Source: Institute of Grocery Distribution)

In order to combat the challenges of attraction and development the FMCG industry is facing, your business needs a robust attraction strategy, as well as strong internal development opportunities in order to beat skills shortages and retain talent.

Discovery Performance has worked with FMCG companies to identify and grow internal talent, and provide a range of specialist training according to client needs. Companies such as Kimberly Clark, Furniture Village, Wella, and ACCO Brands are among our clients. As such, we are perfectly positioned to combine experience, diverse offerings and a consultative approach to help you solve your talent challenges.