Despite contributing 10% of the UK’s economic output and employing 2.6 million people nationally, confidence in the manufacturing industry has slipped this year, with output and orders hitting a 6-year low. (Source: EEF) Added to this, there is a considerable skills shortage in the sector; 74% of manufacturing CEOs in PwC’s annual CEO survey were concerned about availability of key skills.

By developing your people, you can buck the trend and gain a competitive edge in this significant but faltering industry. Strengthening your internal talent pipeline is one of the most astute investments you can make to secure the future of your business. In an uncertain economic climate, choosing the right development partner is crucial, and Discovery’s wide experience in the sector makes us an ideal choice.

As our case studies demonstrate, we partner successfully with our clients to craft a vast range of bespoke talent solutions, including recruiting and developing emerging talent, internal talent identification, leadership and management programmes, and specialist sales training.