Logistics & Transport

With a rapidly aging workforce and volatile fuel prices, the Logistics and Transport sector is in a precarious position. Availability of skills is a significant concern for 74% of CEOs in the sector (Source: PwC), which is unsurprising when considering that 16% of logistics companies report that they employ staff they consider not to be fully proficient. Worse still, of these, one third say they have incurred costs in operations and one quarter say they have lost business to competitors as a direct result of these hires. (Source: Freight Transport Association)

Developing internal talent and ensuring best-fit recruits can cut this unnecessary cost significantly, and will allow you to stay ahead of the skills shortage affecting the industry. Discovery Performance are experts in both recruiting the right people for logistics and transport companies, and developing existing internal talent to meet skills needs.

Working with our industry clients, we have provided development centres, recruitment strategies, specialist sales training, training for mentors, and 1:1 executive coaching, among other services. We have worked with a range of businesses, including Wolseley Plc, Fileder, Unatrac, Finning UK, Essentra, Morris Lubricants, Gatwick Airport, and SNCF. Discover more detail in our case studies on the right.