Appraisal systems

Your growing business has strategic goals. So from time-to-time you’ll need to assess your graduate employees to see how they are progressing against these goals. Discovery Graduates offer a simple but effective appraisal system called PEARL. It enables you to review an individual’s capabilities and potential and intervene if necessary.

What are the benefits of the PEARL system?
Many organisations lack the resources to monitor graduate development in-house, and graduate retention rates often suffer as a result. By using PEARL you can significantly improve your graduate retention rate and increase the value of your employees.

An online performance management system. PEARL is based on a competency framework that measures both skills and attitude.

  • Leading companies use PEARL to:
  • Identify desirable capabilities
  • Set strategic goals
  • Monitor performance
  • Clearly report progress
You business will benefit from:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower graduate and employee turnover
  • Business growth
  • Positive attitudes in the workplace
  • Return on investment of training costs
  • Clear and objective reporting
  • Strategic development of individuals and teams
  • Discovery of hidden talent and skills