Behavioural profiling

Behavioural profiling tools and aptitude tests are an excellent way to ensure candidates are a good match for your organisation’s culture and values. Our experience in this field offers you a deeper insight into the graduates you are considering.

The benefits of behavioural profiling

  • Helps you Identify talent
  • Helps you pin point future leaders
  • Ensures values and attitudes match your organisation’s
  • Helps you select the right candidate(s)

We begin by establishing the values, competencies and behaviours you are looking for. Each candidate is then put through a series of tests using recognised profiling tools. Occupational psychologists provide an objective assessment of each candidate – benchmarking them against your requirements.

Our profiling tools of choice

Parallax is based on neuroscience rather than classic psychology. It presents a more accurate, more reliable information about behaviour patterns. Revealing deeper insights and empowering you to make better informed decisions with greater confidence.

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In addition to being licensed users of Parallax, Discovery graduates are accredited members of the British Psychological Society – level A and B as well as licensed users of Thomas International and SHL.

What do we measure?

Aptitude tests tell you which skills people possess and behavioural profiling how they will use those skills.

Some of the things we measure are:

  • Personality – How an individual processes information internally, how they think and feel, and how they evaluate and make decisions.
  • Mindset – What is important to an individual in terms of their priorities when interacting with the outside world.
  • Attitude – How an individual responds to events and what motivates them.

Behavioural profiling is often included as an element of a Discovery Graduates Assessment Centre. It is a valuable component within a successful graduate recruitment campaign.

Your existing staff

We can also help your organisation manage behavioural change, by using profiling tools with existing members of staff.

This helps to:

  • Identify existing talent
  • Identify and reduce toxic behaviour and workplace stress
  • Maximise training and development programmes
  • Devise and deploy business strategies
  • Build and develop effective teams

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