Coaching and mentoring

New graduates need support from specialist staff to support and guide their development. Discovery Graduates will train your line managers to become mentors. Providing the skills they need to effectively manage graduate development.

According to recent CIPD research, many line managers lack the skills necessary to be effective mentors, and would benefit from training courses and development programmes.

What are the benefits to your business?

Once trained your line managers will:

  • Provide better support to graduates
  • Encourage behavioural change
  • Improve organisational and team performance
  • Accelerate graduate development
  • Help retain and nurture talented graduates
What will line managers learn?

Our interactive programme trains them to:

  • Understand the importance and positive consequences of mentoring
  • Develop mutually beneficial expectations and objectives
  • Understand graduate development needs
  • Determine responsibilities and guidelines
  • Communicate effectively, including improving their listening skills
  • Avoid certain behaviours and situations

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