We believe in sustainable talent management. There is little point in attracting the best candidates if they leave before delivering value to your business. Hiring the most suitable graduates and developing their skills helps improve retention, as well as saving your business the unnecessary costs of a high graduate turnover. However, ensuring that graduates stay with your business is not easy…

According to a recent report by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, as many as 25% of graduates leave their first job within 12 months. At Discovery Graduates, only 10% of our graduates leave within the first year.

This is because our:

  • Attraction campaigns establish quality applications from suitable graduates.
  • Recruitment process eliminates all but the most outstanding graduates.
  • Development programmes ensure that graduates are successfully motivated, monitored and mentored.

Many of our graduates stay with the companies we place them with for much longer than a year. Over 50% of the graduates we placed four years ago are still working for the companies they joined, and over 30% of these have progressed to executive or managerial roles.

Our graduate development programme further improves retention; of the graduates who completed The OPEN programme in the past 5 years, 74% are still with the organisation we placed them with.

Our approach benefits your graduate employees too. Faster career progression, personal development and improved skills all add up to satisfied, valuable employees who will take your business forward.

We offer continuing support to your organisations to ensure graduate retention rates remain high. Our Coaching and Mentoring services offer practical advice to your managers, enabling them to become effective mentors and keep graduates motivated and engaged long-term.

Benefits  include:

  • Improved communication – Learning how to listen well, channels of communication to use, and how often to communicate.
  • Increased autonomy – Graduates need monitoring, without being stifled. Employees are happier in their roles when they feel they have the right skills for the job, and are given the autonomy to do the task at hand.
  • Understanding your graduates – What is important to them? What are their goals? What do they expect from the role?
  • Give more information – Explain decisions to graduates, and trust them with important and sensitive information.
  • New skills – If graduates are struggling to meet the demands of their new role, they are more likely to become demotivated and leave. Proper training can teach them the skills they need to succeed.

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