Workforce Development

As graduate recruitment specialists and our focus is on finding graduates and developing them into valuable employees. But our proven methodology can also deliver workforce development for ALL of your existing employees, not just new graduates.

A Discovery Graduates Development Centre is designed to accelerate behavioural change, helping your organisation understand your existing talent and identify the further talent you may need to succeed.

Our Development Centres enable your business to:

  • Discover hidden talent
  • Identify future leaders
  • Develop business strategy
  • Identify training needs for individuals and teams
  • Identify and reduce toxic behaviour and workplace stress
  • Ensure the right people are working in the right teams
  • Create a sustainable succession plan
  • Measure the success of recruitment and training programmes
  • Effectively engage with employees
Our Development Centres enable your employees to:

  • Improve their morale and motivation
  • Increase self-awareness and accountability
  • Understand your business strategy and goals
  • Increase engagement within teams
  • Better communicate
  • Drive their professional development

Our approach involves observing and evaluating your employees against a robust set of competencies. We agree on clear objectives for each Development Centre and use our expertise in assessment and appraisal to provide comprehensive reports on your employee performance.

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